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We need a Spring businessman not a career politician who represents Tomball...

Fellow Conservative, Taxation without representation is not acceptable...

I strongly dislike being taxed while not being represented. Taxation without representation is the basic anger point of Americans. Taxation without representation angered our forefathers enough to stage a Tea Party at the Boston Harbor, so why today do we still allow our interests to go unrepresented? Here in House District 150, we are being taxed and asked to vote over and over for a political machine that does not represent Spring. I have lived in Spring Creek Oak and our district for almost two decades. The entrenched incumbent lives in Tomball and that entire area is only 1% total of our district. Bottomline, we have been misrepresented. 

The Tea Party was born overnight after an emotional outcry regarding the gross disregard for the taxpayers of our country.  Big government attitudes in spending, budgeting, and bureaucracy continously looms over Austin where career, entrenched politicians forget their constituents and give into big government, Obamacare style philosophies.  Here in Spring, Texas, we need real representation, from a conservative business leader who understands the free market and the bottom-line. Our proud Republican, pro business community filled with business leaders and strong families, deserves , much more respect in representation in Austin. Our District deserves dedicated and focused leadership for Spring. Our financial contribution to society in tax revenue, examplary strong communities and a fierce pro business attitude should be what resonates around the state. The People of Spring deserve accountability from their elected representative. has resided in for over years. The people of Spring should have elected representation from a bottomline conservative who can return accountability to its seat in Austin. Tony Noun, bottom-line is the best choice for Republican State Representative for House District 150.  

Bottomline Accountability Now Plan

Spring First Policy Team







Pol. adv. pd. by Tony Noun Campaign, Treasurer – Natasha Noun

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