The REAL Truth About Tony Noun

To The Constituents of HD 150:


Only eight days remain until the best District in Texas, District 150, can bid adieu to the tired and lethargic agenda of the 12-year incumbent and welcome in a fresh perspective with proven business leadership and TRUE conservative principles that are at the core of everything I do.


The incumbent senses her grip slipping and realizes all the perks she’s come to enjoy over the past12 years are on the verge of evaporating like her conservative agenda did in her most recent legislative session.

As a result of this, on Saturday evening, the incumbent and her staff hastily put together a mish-mash of falsehoods and grossly inaccurate details that border on slander and I have my attorney looking into the incumbent’s claims.  In fact, the incumbent took this same information to the Houston Chronicle last week, and they passed on releasing a story.

Why? Because there isn’t one.

The poorly constructed piece was sent out to both Precinct Chairs and local media outlets as an attempt to discredit me considering that’s the only tactic she has left since my staff and I have outworked, out-researched and most importantly, out-campaigned her over the past year.

The incumbent doesn’t care. For someone who has beaten the drum over the last month about running a “respectable campaign,” she certainly hasn’t heeded her own advice.

Among the issues she’s attempting to discredit me over are as follows:

--> The Treasurer of my campaign

--> My Business Dealings

--> My Tax history

--> My Politics

The treasurer of my campaign is my daughter, Natasha Noun, and that is indicated CLEARLY on all of my campaign literature and material. Whether it’s signs, my web site, water bottles, or anything else that has TONY NOUN on it regarding my candidacy, the only name that is listed as Treasurer, is Natasha Noun, despite woeful attempts from the incumbent and her staff to suggest otherwise.

Regarding my business dealings and taxes, I have mentioned in the last few weeks and I have spoken to hundreds, probably thousands of constituents over the last year about the hardships not just I, but almost everyone faced in the wake of one of the greatest financial collapses in this great country’s history, the Great Recession of 2008. The auto industry was hit especially hard, and as a result, my businesses were gravely affected. As a result, some of my investments suffered, my businesses suffered, and unfortunately, the IRS had to intervene like it did with THOUSANDS of business owners during that time.

Interesting fact, according to the National Bankruptcy Research Center, 1.41 MILLION people filed for Bankruptcy in 2009 as a result of the Great Recession.

I, however, despite investment and business losses, did NOT file for bankruptcy.

What did I do instead? I started by hiring one of the best accountants in Houston, Keith Gardner, who also spent 20 years as an IRS agent. I then restructured my businesses, chalked up some losses and repaid my debts. It was a tumultuous time for me and my family, but their support never wavered, my belief in my business and most importantly in myself never wavered, and I’m proud to say almost six years later, my businesses are thriving once again. Not because I took the easy way out, but because I worked my tail off like I have all my life and vowed not to fail. I’m now proud to announce I’ve been free and clear of any IRS debts and I have attached a statement from Mr. Gardner indicating as much.

Regarding my automobile business, I have attached my auto license that permits me to sell cars in addition to a letter from the leading car auctioneer in the Houston area indicating my standing with his company.

Lastly, regarding my politics, I’m a Republican, have always been a Republican and have worked on Republican campaigns in the past. The incumbent should spend less time concerned with my voting record and explain to You why she has an F-Rating from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and opted to allocate money to Bingo Compliance rather than Volunteer Firefighters. Instead she’s busy making up stories about me.

Is that what you want from Your State Representative? Rather than concern herself with the issues, she’s busy lying about her opponent. Well, after the racial taunts, hypocrisy and lies, that’s par for the course from the incumbent during this campaign.

2008 wasn’t just an unfortunate year for the United States economy – the incumbent was busy in 2008 as well – breaking the Texas Election Code.  She does not want You to know about the Ethics Violation she received in 2008 when she concealed money she received during the 2008 campaign season. You can read about what she did here -->

Enough is enough.

This District needs new life, direction and energy – not petty politics and tired, empty rhetoric. Those days have passed.

I ask you to ignore the distraction techniques from my opponent and I invite you to join me in making this District the Best once again by voting for Tony Noun during this last week of Early Voting and concluding with the General Election next Tuesday, March, 4.

We Deserve Better. You Deserve Better.


Tony Noun

Bottomline: Accountability Now

Attached is a copy of my license to sell cars from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as letters from Jim Shreeve of 1st Choice Auto Auction here in Houston and Keith Gardner.

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