Late report or Falisified report?

To The Constituents of HD 150:

Filing a campaign finance report for the campaign ultimately falls on the candidate's shoulders and my 8-day report was filed a few days late. The report was filed on Saturday night at approximately 9:30. I talked extensively with the individual on my campaign team that is responsible for keeping us on track with that item, and it will not happen again. But again, I accept responsibility as the candidate.

I do find it ironic that my opponent, as I have with many of the feeble attempts she has made over the past few weeks to slow down our momentum, is using campaign finance reports as her latest tactic to dissuade voters.

You see folks, there's a huge difference in turning in a personal finance report late, which we admit and will pay the necessary fine, and then there's the matter of FALSIFYING a campaign finance report, which is a much more serious matter and one the incumbent knows all too well about. In 2008, the now 12-year incumbent was fined $3000 for a host of campaign finance irregularities and in some cases, just downright COVERED UP political contributions and expenditures.

Back in February 2008, when asked about the allegations initially of receiving contributions and not disclosing them, she told the "Isaiah Factor":

"There were some errors on the form that I filed. Those errors on the form are being corrected. Although there were errors in filling out the form, I want to stress that there were no donations accepted or spent inappropriately.”


The Texas Ethics Commission conducted an investigation and found that actually there were donations accepted inappropriately, and the TEC went back to her 2006-2007 reports and discovered six different instances of  campaign finance violations, primarily violations of 254.031(a), which is the General Contents of Reports and essentially breaks down what goes into finance reports.

Among the items she was found to be guilty of violating in 2006 & 2007:

--> Failed to disclose $14,475 as political contributions

--> Failed to report outstanding loan amounts totaling $35000

--> Failed to report political expenditures totaling $11,099

--> Reported several $100 contributions as $50 contributions

--> Improperly disclosed the Treasurer of Campaign on finance reports

--> Failed to include the job titles of financial contributors to her campaign

--> Failed to disclose pertinent information regarding out-of-state political contributions

(You can find the findings from the TEC here)

Throw in the fact that as recent as two months ago she handed out her constituent newsletter at a campaign event, another violation of both the Texas Elections Code and the Texas Penal Code, and it's pretty clear the incumbent is no stranger to playing fast and loose with election laws, much like she's been fast and loose with tossing around racial barbs and calling on local law enforcement during early voting with frivolous accusations.

The reality is my opponent is looking for anything she can use to try and tarnish my campaign, and as many of you have intimated to me over the past two weeks as we get ready for the final day on Tuesday, you have appreciated the manner in which my staff and I have maintained an efficient, aggressive and factually honest campaign.

We are literally a little more than 48 hours away from doing what very few people thought we could do just a few months ago - bring new life and energy into a District desperately in need of it. The pettiness and win at any cost, cut-throat mentality of the incumbent who will disparage anyone who gets in her way is no way to invite unity in the District and it certainly has not derailed my efforts.

I invite all of you to come join me on Tuesday, March 4th for Election Day as we welcome a new chapter into District 150.

We Deserve Better. You Deserve Better.


Tony Noun

Bottomline: Accountability Now.

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