Final Mail Piece Hits Homes Soon

After all the racial slurs and lies directed at me and the misleading attacks on my businesses, my staff and I have put together one last mail out piece that will hit homes in the District in the next day or two with a few final words on my religion, family life and business practices. I didn't think it was going to be necessary, but the recklessness from a 12-year incumbent who's desperate not to lose her seat left me and my staff no choice but to let the good folks of District 150 hear the honest truth about me.

I appreciate all the kind words we've received and all the great feedback as we near the final few days of what's been a mesmerizing journey that will conclude this portion of the trip on Tuesday with a new direction moving forward. I look forward to seeing you all for the next two days as Early Voting wraps up and then again on Tuesday, March 4th for Election Day. 

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