End the Riddle on District 150

To The Constituents of District 150:

We are nearing one of the most important decisions you will have to make as members of District 150 with early voting beginning Tuesday, Feb. 18. You have to decide as voters – do you want more of the same representation from a 12-year incumbent who has all but abandoned her conservative principles as proven by her voting record?

Do you want someone who has watched as more than half of the District, Spring ISD, has seen its overall property value DECREASE 5 percent over the last five years while the rest of Harris County’s property value has INCREASED 35 percent over that same period?

Do you want someone who has watched the vacant commercial buildings continue to pop up around abandoned strip malls while a new massage parlor seems to open up every other week? Meanwhile according to the most recent FBI uniform crime report, Spring has more crimes per mile – 53 – than the state average – 33 – while also reporting that Spring is “above average” when it comes to instances of residents becoming a victim of property crime.

But let’s not forget, according to the incumbent’s Facebook page, “Nobody knows the District” better than her.

So she knew all along this was going on and has done nothing about it?

Speaking of her Facebook page, the incumbent has made remarks on her page about me not running a “respectable” campaign and to watch for candidates who “trash” their opponent.

By “trashing” her, the incumbent is referring to what I’ve pointed out about her during this campaign:

--> Her ‘F’ rating from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

--> 55-percent rating from Texas Right to Life

--> 54-percent rating from Young Conservatives of Texas

--> Supported Big Tobacco to suppress Small Business During 2013 Legislative Session

--> By Siding with Big Tobacco – Broke her No-Tax Pledge to American Taxpayers

--> Voted to Immediately Close Thousands of Small Dental Businesses Across the State

--> Voted against Teacher Pension Support in favor of subsidizing the movie business

--> Voted to expand the Texas Budget by 26 percent

--> Voted in favor of money for Bingo Compliance instead of Volunteer Firefighters

Add in what’s going on in her own backyard, the only “trashing” that’s being done is her representation of District 150.

So, how do we fix this mess?

Simple, we get back to work, and when I say we, I mean EVERYBODY in the District, not just the people in the incumbent’s neighborhood.

I’ll start by working with law enforcement to help them ease the property crime and start rooting out massage parlors and other nefarious businesses that have dampened the business climate in certain areas of the District. I know our law enforcement works hard, but can more be done to help them? You Better Believe It.

Property Values in the District will rise again – and I know what a lot of you are feeling as my home as not appreciated in value either – by encouraging more business and keeping property crime low. As YOUR state representative, I will examine all economic options to improving business by not just driving back and forth to Austin and posting a sunny picture on my Facebook page, no, I want YOUR input into restoring the business climate that we all know is possible in District 150.

Finally, I am a conservative and those principles have dictated my life both personally and professionally. When my businesses faced hardships in 2008 and 2009 like the rest of the country, I tightened up my boot straps, I worked to get my business back on track and I am happy to say five years later, my businesses are thriving once again.

I know how business works, I know how democracy works, and I know – like all of you do – that Big Government solutions do NOT work. The incumbent, well, I’ll let her recent track record help you decide what she thinks is best for the District and what “works.”

I stand by my campaign, my record and the hard work I’ve put in for 28 years in this wonderful country. I came to the Great State of Texas with a few hundred dollars in my pocket along with my beautiful and supportive wife Georgette and we set off on a dream that we’ll never wake up from. We have three beautiful children, Natasha, Savannah and Tony Jr., that we raised in this District and who drive me to be a better person every day.

Hard work is what makes the United States the greatest country in the World and it’s what makes Texas the greatest state. I’m tired of what I’m seeing in my District, and I’m ready to go to work for you.

We Deserve Better. You Deserve Better.

Let’s keep the Dream Alive starting on Tuesday, February 18 with early voting. I ask you to Vote for Tony Noun and let’s get back to making District 150 the Best District in Texas.

God Bless.


Tony Noun

Bottomline: Accountability Now.

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