Disparaging My Faith Will Not Stop Me

To The Constituents of HD 150:

The time is drawing near for you to decide at the polls who you want to be your voice in Austin. For the past 12 months, my staff and I have worked tirelessly to be out in the District and talk to you and learn what problems you and your families are facing. More importantly, when I have asked you what’s being done to fix those problems, and you have responded with a collective shrug.

We Deserve Better. You Deserve Better.

Over the weekend, my opponent suggested that “some candidates are getting real ugly” but insisted she “ignores that foolishness.” If that is the case, I would implore her to heed her own advice rather than stopping at my campaign office Friday Night to make reckless and insensitive comments regarding my work ethic, my campaign, yet most telling and concerning, disputing my Christian faith.

I was both stunned and disappointed by her accusations, but again it underscores her careless nature that has left so many of you misrepresented in Austin.

Almost as troubling, despite numerous assertions from my opponent that she “knows” District 150 better than anyone, my staff and I have discovered an alarming number of you are unaware of who she is despite her 12 years in office.

That is a Problem. You and I will fix that problem starting with early voting February 18th by casting a ballot for Tony Noun.

I, Tony Noun, will not be deterred and my mission remains the same: Represent the Good People of District 150 with the same kind of courage, hard work and faith that has guided me over the past 44 years of my life. It is time for a change in District 150 because We Deserve Better. You Deserve Better.

I am asking for your vote starting with early voting on February 18 concluding with the general primary on March 4. It’s time for a New Chapter in District 150.

Accountability Now.


Tony Noun

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