Crime & Self Defense

Tony Noun knows first hand what it means to bear arms in battle versus tyranny and to protect his family. As a teenager, growing up in Lebanon, Tony had to defend his way of life against the oppressive and menacing threat of Hezbollah and the Syrian Regime.  As part of the Christian Resistance, Tony forged his belief that bearing arms is the true sign of a healthy and responsible society, a natural right from one's Creator. Today, as Spring, Texas grows in numbers and our area prospers, it is important to all of us that we maintain vigilance and a strong sense of community making sure that our families are safe and civil. Tony Noun believes that peace through strength is key, and that a conservative's duty is not just to bear arms but to go out and rebuild the community working with the police department, schools and clergy to make sure all our neighbors enjoy the peace of a strong community. Tony Noun for years had been a volunteer advisor with the Harris County Sheriff's Department, participated in the Citizens Ride Along Program and contributed to the campaigns of Tommy Thomas and Louis Guthrie. Tony Noun believes that the protection of our homes and family is paramount and will do everything he can to make sure that a conservative approach of rebuilding community and bearing arms is what Spring, Texas is known for.


Tony Noun Receives an "A" Rating from the NRA National Rifle Association

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