Calling Yourself a Conservative Doesn't Make You One

Constituents of HD 150:

The time is almost here for your voice to be heard.

After nearly a year of talking to the wonderful and hard-working people that make up the best district in Texas, District 150; one theme that has prevailed consistently is the need for conservative-minded leadership in the District. That explains why many of you received my push card this week detailing the exploits of your current representation in the District.

The so-called ‘conservative’ incumbent who has represented the District for the last 12 years likes calling herself one, but her actions during her latest term in office is an about-face from what she publicly proclaims. Which is why Texans for Fiscal Responsibility gave her an ‘F’ rating in their recent grading of state politicians.

For starters, she sided with Big Tobacco which led to her breaking her Taxpayer Protection Pledge. You read that correctly – she sided with Big Tobacco companies by voting for a bill, HB 3536, that imposes a tax on smaller tobacco companies in Texas. Allegedly the bill helps to ‘level the playing field’, but real Conservative Legislators agreed that it came up short. Not only did the incumbent break her tax pledge to you, her constituents, she also voted in favor of the bill while the Texas House Republican Caucus policy committee voted against the measure.

Additionally, she received a letter from the President of the Americans for Tax Reform Group, the group she signed the No Tax Pledge with, informing her that a vote for the bill would violate her No Tax Pledge.  

She voted for the bill anyway.

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) also picked up on the incumbent’s less than conservative ways as evidenced by the group’s 54 percent rating of her in the longest-standing conservative political rating system in the state. In fact, over the last four sessions in the House, the YCT, which grades on a standard 0-100 grading scale, has graded the incumbent 96, 90, 79 and 54 during her last four sessions, and her drop from 2011 to 2013 marked one of the most significant drops in rating of any Republican house member.

YCT also graded against the incumbent for her support in eliminating, or making it financially difficult, for small businesses that specialize in teeth whitening or home security. (HB 505 & HB 76)

Add to that her support for taxing small tobacco businesses, and it begs the question, does the incumbent even care for small business….?

As a small business owner who has felt the highs and lows of both the Texas and United States economy, I know how important a strong voice for small business is in Austin. It is clear the longer the incumbent has been in office, the less inclined she is to speak up for the voice of the small business owner and her conservative values have eroded over the past few years much like the small business scene has here in District 150.

The end is near for mediocre representation and the time is approaching for new, real, conservative leadership...which has been sorely lacking. Let’s make that a reality starting on Tuesday, February 18 with early voting and concluding with the general election primary on Tuesday, March 4.

We Deserve better. You Deserve Better.


Tony Noun

Bottomline: Accountability Now.

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